Update on April 2nd 2018: It was fun while it lasted, a big thank you to everyone who collaborated during the years..!

The purpose of KILVET.COM

KILVET.COM (if translated, the name would be plates.com) is a website dedicated to Finnish license plates. It is presenting a large amount of Finnish vanity plates, as well as some conventionally issued plates which are accidentally looking not-so-ordinary, meaning that there's some funny combinations in them. In addition to the recent plates list, you can browse an extensive gallery of cars carrying these special plates.

Almost all the info on this site comes from various Finnish plate-spotters, more or less "professional", and we're just collecting all the interesting stuff in one place. So the purpose of the site is... for you to have fun browsing plates! Because the target group is the Finnish people, the pages are written mostly in Finnish only... for the rest of the world: sorry! :-)

And yes, if you're wondering, we do have the car owners' permissions to have the info and pics here. If we have no pic the info will show only in a specific plate search though, and of course a short time (about one month) on the recent plates list when the plate is just added to the site.

Besides all mentioned above... KILVET.COM offers some general information on Finnish plates and some kind of history of issued letter series. These things are presented mainly in English, just in case someone outside Finland is also interested in them...

If you have some questions or want to give us feedback, feel free to drop a message, our email address can be found at the bottom of the main page.

NOTE: On the main page, you can click the KILVET.COM logo for recently added plates and accordingly you can click the cars for recently added pics.

Thanks for visiting!

Antero (webmaster, site founder, kilvet.com team member)